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I hired Brian Moses because I watched 6 hours of training he did on DVD and he's got killer content... and beyond that, he's been in the agent's shoes. I like the other big name coaches in the Industry... but they haven't sold real estate in a long long time... and a few never sold real estate...

Stacey Alcorn Newton, MA Author, Broker, Entrepreneur

Great call with our team yesterday! You are right -- everyone was engaged. Guillermo told me that the call yesterday was the best hour of real estate training that he has ever received. He is a 15 year veteran in the business and was with KW for the last 9 years (who is known for their agent training) -- plus he holds nothing back, so I know that he meant it sincerely. Thanks again for a great call.

Jared Erfle

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. On a more personal level your advice has brought my Fiancé and I closer, I took the initiative to schedule "Time for Us", in our Google calendar. You inspired that, and have taken our relationship from "good" to Exceptional in one night. For this I am forever grateful. Thank you Brian!


I spent the last few days with one of the most giving, selfless leaders I have ever had the opportunity to spend time with. There have been a handful of people who have poured value into my life and he is one of the best. I am extremely blessed to have Brian Moses in my life. The best part is I was able to introduce him to my team this week. We are excited to see the breakthroughs to success in the New Year!

Jeremy Mellick

I've been selling houses for over 28 years. Last year I sold 186 homes. My call with Brian yesterday blew my mind! If you are serious about growing your business, there's no one better than Brian!

John Quinn

Yesterday's call was amazing! You helped me really see where I need improvement to make my marketing and business that much more effective. Laura and I are working steadily down the list of notes I took, I will send you updates/improvements from suggestions and will forward to you as soon as changes are made! I believe that this call will be easily worth $100,000 over the next 12 months to me. Thank you so much for your help again, YOU ROCK!

Brian is one of the best speakers I've ever seen. His training is both motivating and to the point. Brian has a great way of connecting with each person in the audience and providing them with real-life examples of how they can increase their business. The first time I learned from Brian changed my business and my life. It was a turning point in my career. Brian is definitely someone to learn from and model your business after.

John Morgan Nashville, TN

Brian, you are one of the most inspirational guys I ever met,.. One day, several years ago you took the time to chat with me in a hallway…. You gave me advice that has served me and impacts me still to this day! If there is ever anything I can do for you, just let me know. I am eternally grateful Sir! Thank you!

Linden Moe, Newark, NJ

Brian Moses is one of the most talented inspirational speakers I have ever met!!! The impact his message had on me was life altering! I have attended seminars held by Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey and Zig Ziglar. Brian Moses is up there with the best! I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to grow personally or professionally!

Matt Hennessy Las Vegas, NV

Brian, I want to express to you how much of an impact your videos and tapes have made on my business. I have committed so many of your dialogues and techniques to memory in the last 3-4 months, and by using them to better equip myself and train my agents. I am experiencing the best January I've had in 14 years, following the best December I’ve ever had, while others complain about a slow market. So far in January, my team has written 18 deals in 23 days and we are right on target to hit my goal of 250 transaction sides (more than double last year’s production). I've heard you say many times that you hope to make a positive impact on the people you come in contact with-let me assure you that you have done far more.

Mike Costigan

I just couldn't wait until our next coaching call to tell you that I met with the sellers who had dug their heels in at $240,000 and the co-brokes buyers who refused to go over $230,000.

I went through the whole offer presentation just like we role played.
(Well, not really exactly, but I did it as best I could ☺). I used the metaphor you shared with me and they both smiled and said and said they will take the $230,000 if the buyers are still willing.

As I was leaving the wife apologized for being so hard to work with and told me that I must have nerves of steel to be able to work with people like her and not take it personally.

Brian, Thank you so much for helping me get back in rapport with what seemed to be a dead deal and have a chance to get this one sold!!!

Tami L Roberts Gulf Shores, AL

Brian, Your “converting buyers / sellers script” is working like a beauty! The first internet home evaluation call I made with this script worked like a charm!!! Unreal! I have listing apt Sunday 5pm.

Allan Rankin Whitby, Ontario

Brian Moses is a master and genuinely one of the people that you meet in life and look back at that moment as the turning point.

Jay Kinder, CEO & Co-Founder of NAEA

Hey Brian, Just want to THANK YOU for today's call! By far the best conference call I have ever been on! BRAVO Brian! Also - More Importantly have a successful trip to China to pick your newly adopted son! He is a fortunate boy to have you as his dad!

Dennis DeSouza

Having Brian as a coach has been a blessing to not only my professional but personal life!! He is unequivocally, the best there is in the industry and is an absolute open book in providing advice, solutions and strategies to help improve the quality of your life and your business! The growth I've had in my business in just a short time ($24 Million in volume last year) is astonishing and I can not even articulate or explain in words the value he has brought to me in my personal life... The sky is the limit with Brian, and if you desire a better quality of life, you should strongly consider jumping on board. You'll be glad you did!

Kathryn Early Methuen, MA

I hired Brian to help us in 2012. My biggest mistake was not hiring him sooner. Our growth has more than tripled over that time to nearly 800 sales annually and Brian Moses has played a big part in that success! He has helped us dial in our sales process so that it's duplicatable and predictable. Every critical metric that leads to a sale has dramatically improved with Brian's assistance and training. If you're serious about your growing your real estate business, Brian is the man for you and has our highest recommendation!

‎Anthony Lamacchia

In the little time that we have had starting our journey with Brian, he has made a big impact on us not just from a business stand point but also personally. He has provided several tools to help improve our business that can be qualified very easily over the past 4 months. He causes us to think outside the box of traditional thinking. He's helped us generate several new and innovative revenue generating strategies. He's taught us the importance of setting standards and expectations for our team, how to improve our own leadership skills. We feel very connected to Brian in the short amount of time we have worked with him as he is so skilled at dissecting our business and knows it so well. He understands all of our differences in personalities and supports us in a way that we are so excited for our calls with him and know you will be too!

Cathy Rocca & Tanya Rocca: Top 10 Royal LePage, All of Canada